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Klidonas - Fortune telling

Written by on 26.10.2013
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Klidonas - Fortune telling

The 24th of June, St. John's day, was the day that the unmarried girls would find out their matrimonial fu­ture.

There were different ways to obtain a sign, such as putting their rings in a glass of water and having it read according to its movement, also the shapes formed by melted lead or the white of an egg when put in water. The fortune teller was always female and usually old by the time she had enough experience to “foretell” the future. Reading the signs she could tell who would get married first, the financial situation of the future husband and sometimes even his name! At noon every unmarried girl would go down to the main well. Counting out forty buckets, she would throw the water of each bucket over her shoulder, while at the same time her eyes were fixed on a mirror that was placed on the well, where she would see her future husband.

On this day the girls would sing special songs about the day’s main event. The following is an example of one of these songs.

Forty buckets of water / took out, but I haven’t seen him yet. / (After the fortieth second I can see her with eyes fitll of tears)

Why are you sighing pretty girl? Why are you crying? My husband is abroad, I haven't seen hint for ten years I I’ll wait for another two years, and if he won’t come/ΓII become a nun, Γ11 go to a mountain, to find a convent. / and have myself locked in a cell. / He is oppressed, far away, and Tm in my black frock.

My girl, I am your husband.

Stranger, ifyou are my husband tell me of our home/so I can believe you.

There is an apple tree in front of our door, / and a vineyard in the back / which produces red grapes for muscatel wine. /If one has drunk it once, /he comes back for good.

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