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Written by on 24.10.2013
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The Ithacan sayings are a good example of the local dialect, sense of humor, and quite often are self-sar­castic.

The popular philosophy, the daily problems and the way of thinking of the island are also included within the small phrases.

  • Some people love the priest, but others his wife.
  • It’s more difficult for a rude fellow to become a gentleman than pig's hair to turn smooth like silk.
  • A hen for a poor man is like a horse for a rich one.
  • Don't become a friend of a baker, fisherman or butcher, because if you think well about it, all three of them are jackasses.
  • If you screw around in August, it’ll be a bad winter (refering to crops).
  • Charon has an entrance, but never an exit.
  • If you drink borrowed wine, you get drunk twice.
  • The people who buy wheat have both eyes, those who buy flour have only one, and those who buy bread areblind.
  • It’s inconvenient where allowed and comfortable where it’s forbidden.
  • Wet feet, fish to eat.
  • A thief not caught a lord he becomes.           
  • Many only want a lot but one wants everything.
  • In a close friendship a quarrel is foreseen.   
  • The forest has ears and the valley has eyes.
  • God gives to the lazy two large coρνloaves and to the worker only one of barely.
  • Prudents prepare weddings, crazy people take part. The devil who becomes poor, a pirate he becomes. Good wine in the tavern has a short life.
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