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The Picturesque village of Exogi lies on the Homeric Mountain of Neion, at an altitude of 340m surrounded by wide "steps" of fertile land full of vineyards. Exogi, meaning "Out land", is only 2km from Platrithias and a total distance of 20km from Vathy.


During the middle Ages and the beginning of the Venetian period, it was one of the main habitations of the island, granting safety from the pirates, a very good view of the channel, the sea, and the bays around the northern part of Ithaca. Following the effacing of the pirates in the 16th century, part of the population moved closer to the coasts forming the villages of Stavros and Platrithias. The village remained crowded especially during the English rule, having a population of well over 1,300 people, with their main means of living being cultivation, stock-breeding, technical jobs, and some trade. In the first years of this century many of the inhabitants began to immigrate, preferring Australia, decreasing the population of the village from 500 in the 1900's to only 50 old people today.

Excavations at the east side of Exogi, towards Platrithias, discovered that the area was full of ancient Byzantine ruins of buildings and wells, also interesting objects, tools and coins from different periods were uncovered.

At the top of the village a dirt road leads up to the mountains top to a site called Pernarakia, which ends at the uninhabited monastery of Panaghia (Holy Virgin) which was operating until the end of the second World War. The view from this point is unforgettable. It overlooks northern Ithaca, the sea around the land and you can even see the islands of Cephalonia, Lefkas, Zante, and the western mainland coast of Greece.

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