Scuba Diving και Snorkeling

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Scuba Diving και Snorkeling

Inspired by Ulysses, the mythical king of Ithaca and his famous travel adventures, we are pleased to offer a unique sea experience.


Odyssey Diving Club is the first diving center of Ithaca opened in 2013. It is located in Vathy harbor, less than 1km away from the main square. Ithaca’s main harbor (Vathy) is a strategic point for scuba diving. We are diving not only at the west coast of Ithaca but in many islands of the “Polynesia” of the Ionian Sea like Arkoudi and Atokos.

Beginner Divers:

For beginner scuba divers we offer the PADI DSD(Discover Scuba Diving) program. It is a 4hour program which includes the scuba diving theory, the learning material, the boat transfer from our base to the dive spot and back to our base, the basic diving skills at swallow water and finally one dive in the sea (maximum  12meters) for about 30minutes.

Kids between 8 and 10 years can do the bubblemaker course which is like the DSD program but the maximum depth is 2 meters. It is something like snorkeling with scuba diving equipment.

We also run PADI scuba diving courses. Open water is the first certificate. Kids can undertake the junior open water course if they are above 10.


Snorkeling is a great opportunity to visit many small isolated bays and Beaches, old wrecks, some beautiful reefs and to explore the underwater world with your mask and fins. There is no age limit for snorkeling so the whole family can take part in the same activity. Choose between our 2,5h trip around Vathy harbor area or our 5h trip at the most beautiful and isolated Beaches of Ithaca. 

Manager: George Lilas – fb:

address: Georgios Lilas, Vathy Ithaca, 28300, Greece

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