Friends of Hommer

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Friends of Hommer

The (non profit) union Friends of Homer is operating since 2004.

 His activities, aims and objectives is to converge in any legal way of shielding historical titles of the island of Ithaca and the completion of the implementation of identification with the homeland of Odysseus Laertiadi. Its headquarters is located in the port of Homer Forkynos (Vathy). Governed by a five-person council member and three-year term can be any adult (Greek and otherwise) who fully accepts the identification of Homer's Ithaca in the present namesake island.

The name "Friends of Hommer" is as a companion title, the phrase "prayer Ulysses," a finding excavated by the British School at Athens during the period 1930-38. The synellexan the already submerged (cult in antiquity) cave "Loizou," in Cross City in northern Ithaca. Fragment is a clay mask and votive dated 3rd - 2nd BC century. Its uniqueness makes it particularly valuable in archaeological terms.But the historical value is enormous. Demonstrates awareness of people who lived before 2,500 (or more) years to the identification of Ithaca with the current home of ingenious man.


DECLARATION of friends of Hommer:

We  Friends of Homer We accept secure positions and act with commitment to them:
* We consider that the question of false identification of Homeric Ithaca today stems from different centers of historical forgery.
* We are convinced on the reliability and validity of the Homeric speech, which shows us unmistakably the home of Odysseus Laertiadis.
* We Fight with all our spiritual and material forces for the implementation of the identity of today’s and Homer’s Ithaca by the international fora.
* We are searching for documentation and photographing the stolen and removed artifacts from Ithaca  of Mycenaean and other times archaeological discoveries, wherever they are housed.

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