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The island has many traditions and customs that are revived every year by the locals.

In honor of the patron saints of the island, the locals organize local festivals with food, drinks and dancing till morning. This feasts are organized throughout the summer with August being the month with the most of this religious celebrations that attract many visitors. 

The following festivals are held every year in Ithaca:


June 30 Ag. Apostoli in Frikes village

The first feast of the island is organized at Frikes village celebrating the Twelve Apostles with folklore music (played by traditional instruments), dances, food and wine are taking place and shared in feelings of joy and happiness; the feast usually last until dawn.


July 17 Ag. Marina in Exogi village

All the inhabitant of the village, are gathering to the church st Marina to attend the holy service and then, a feast is organized, with local music (played by traditional instruments), dances, food and wine are taking place and shared in feelings of joy and happiness, the feast usually last until dawn.


July 20 Prophet Elias in Kioni village

On the 20th of July, the inhabitants of the lovely village of Kioni, reach the small church of Agios Elias (built on the rocks by the sea) with their little fishing boats to attend the holy service and celebrate the feast of the saint with a huge feast back in Kioni, full of live traditional music, dances, tasty food and excellent wine. A large festivity is held in honour of Agios Ioannis (Saint John) on the 24th of June also in the village of Kioni, with dances, music and a huge banquet.


Wine Festival in Peachori -  last Saturday of July


This feast is held in Perachori village and it's the only feast of southern Ithaca. The wine festival in Perachori offer free plenty of local wine and dancing all night. The association of Perachori also grills skewers and offers lottary with gifts from the Local shops of Ithaca. The Fest takes place On the last Saturday of July at the courtyard of the old school which is nowadays fire department. 


5 and August 6 of the Saviour in Stavros village

The biggest festival of the island of Ithaca is the festival of Sotiros (the Saviour) which take place at Stavros village, for two whole days, on the 5th and 6th of August, with food, wine, music and dances and a lot of fun. This is one of the locals favorite summer Festival.


August 14 eve of the Virgin in Anogi village

Α feast is organized, in Anogi village. This feast is the one of the most unique due to the  picturesque village. In Anogi there is only one "kafenio" so the people of Anogi take over the grilling of skewers and the local wine serving to please the visitors of the village. The feast usually last until dawn and usually its the most successful of the year.


August 15 the Panagia in Platrithia village

Officially the Last Summer festival of the summer. The "Panigiri" in Platrithia is one of the bigest. 

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