Marathias to Spiliotisa

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Marathias to Spiliotisa

Level of difficulty: easy

Route: Approximately 45 '


In the southern part of Ithaca over the bay Antri, in a rough area is the church of Panagia Spiliotissa .

In fact it is not a church like the others, but a cave that its opening has been closed, giving the impression of the facade of a church. For this reason the Virgin Mary was called Spilotissa .

Μany years ago people lived closer to the nature , enjoying the benefits. So once, the families Zavarou and Aleura from Perachori , worked in cutting wood and making charcoal . It is said that οne day a small light that was coming through a cave caught their attention.

They Approached immediately and came across an image of the Virgin Mary . With great faith and devotion took the picture and brought it to Perachori . The next day the icon disappeared from the village and found again inside the cave. (This was done three times). Then they realized that they had to turn the cave into a church.

Previously this route was made from a walk starting at Perachori, but today  because that old path is very rough , you can follow another route : Up to Marathia with a car and from there walk easily the  trail.

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