Kathara Monastery - Anogi

Written by on 29.05.2013
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Kathara Monastery - Anogi

Length: 3.000 m 

Difficulty level: easy
Proposed hours: early morning, or afternoon


We are at the gate of the Kathara Monastery. We walk about 250 meters on the asphalt road and on our left hand a red mark on the rock marks the beginning of the path. Following the red marks we walk on the Niritos Mountain, the highest mountain of Ithaca. It is the old street which in the past connected the south part of the island to the north. The track is almost horizontal and offers magnificent views of the island and the sea to the east. From a point and after, the path unfolds around the middle between the asphalt road and the top of Niritos Mountain. The path finishes to the asphalt road at the first houses of Anoghi village. At the village square we will admire the Basilica of the Assumption of the 12th century, with wonderful frescoes and imposing Venetian bell tower (17th century). Beside the church is an old cafe offering refreshments, coffee, or eating.

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